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LOOLA (Live Oak Off Leash Advocates) is a collective of local Live Oak community dog owners who support an off leash initiative for the 20th avenue beach area aka 21st Avenue County Park. LOOLA is an informational site to organize the community for upcoming events and provide current status as information is available regarding this initiative.

LOOLA-Live Oak Off Leash Advocates

What we are asking from Santa Cruz County:

Live Oak community dog owners are asking Santa Cruz County for off leash hours to be established on the 20th Avenue beach area aka 21st Avenue County Park. The petition has defined these hours to be from sunrise to 10:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. to sunset at Live Oak Beach (from 20th Avenue to Moran Lake Beach) in Santa Cruz California.


Santa Cruz, CA Live Oak Beaches

EXCELLENT NEWS Loola members!

As of December 2014, The Santa Cruz County Parks Department Commission accepted the staff report but also sent along a recommendation that the Board of Supervisors explore a pilot program for off leash access on Live Oak beaches. The vote was 3 to 1 with a couple of commissioners absent. Commissioner Mercer really went to bat for us and said we deserved a hearing on the actual facts of the matter. He asked the same question we have been asking for years – if other places have done it why can’t we? And maybe we should ask how they did it?


SCCPR SacState Dog Beach Study

Santa Cruz County Parks Department and California State University, Sacramento DOGS ON THE BEACH Study/Survey has begun in Santa Cruz County!

The study/survey is taking place on 4 Santa Cruz County beaches, 20th Avenue beach area aka 21st Avenue County Park is most likely one of the 4. We do not know the 4 beaches. If we knew all the beaches in this study it could taint or skew the study.

Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreation Department + California State University, Sacramento Business/Science Department have built a model together as a learning project for the college students, and it is set-up as ‘Real’ Scientific Study with all the built-in precautions.

Primary Objective is to DISCOVER in a truly scientific way what is ‘Real’, ie: What do we really have here?

Sacramento State Students will be observing the beaches at various times of the day, weeks, and seasons. The Students will approach every 3rd person and ask them to do a quick survey about DOGS ON THE BEACH.

An online survey will conducted with a survey asking the same inquiry about DOGS ON THE BEACH and will be sent out to Santa Cruz County individuals.

This study/survey will be assessing the PROS and CONS of DOGS ON THE BEACH.

This study/survey will be over a year in order to assess our 4 entire seasons, so you have a year’s time to get you and your dog down to our Live Oak Beach.

So, we are sharing this information with all you Dog Lovers/Owners to visit our beach: 20th Avenue beach area aka 21st Avenue County Park and hope that you are approached by a student to give your thoughts on DOGS ON THE BEACH.

Have at the beach with your doggies, woof woof!


‘A Shared Beach For ALL To Enjoy’


LOOLA Puppy Love Walk & Meeting Event

Hey, Puppy Friends!
Join LOOLA on a walk, then a meeting about off-leash in Santa Cruz County.
When:  Sunday, February 7, 2016
Walk at Schwan Lake: 10:30am
Meeting: 11:30am Simpkins Center 979 17th Ave, Santa Cruz, California 95062

Get Directions Here to our event.

Because the county is going to have an off-leash pilot program and YOU need to have your say!
Where would YOU like a dog beach?
What do YOU think the rules should be?
Don’t be stuck with what the county decides for you!
Also, come hear about all the FUN events we have coming up!
We will be giving away fancy ribbon dog collars to the first 20 people who sign up to volunteer!


Download our ‘Puppy Love’ Poster and post ALL over Santa Cruz County, we want to ALL to come:
Color Poster Download Here.
Black and White Poster Download Here.











How much of the NEW ACS Officers duties will be patrolling our DOG Beach and HOW does SCCAS assess when to go to our beach: 911 calls or weak photographs of ALL of us on our beach chilling out?

Please write and ask our SCCAS Board Members the above inquiries and let them know that the NEW ACS Officers DO NOT need to be coming to the beach to give MORE TICKETS-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Please send emails or postal mail to the following Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Board Members, Manager of the Shelter, Santa Cruz County Parks Department Director, District 1 Supervisor John Leopold, and YOUR District Supervisor:

Susan Mauriello, County Administrative Officer – County of Santa Cruz
701 Ocean Street, Room 520 Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Information: (831) 454-2100

Joe Phares, Senior Health Services Manager – County of Santa Cruz
1080 Emeline Ave.Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Information: (831) 454-4000

Undersheriff Jeremy Verinsky – County of Santa Cruz
5200 Soquel AvenueSanta Cruz, CA 95062
Information: (831) 454-7610

Tina Shull, Assistant City Manager – City of Santa Cruz
809 Center Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Information: (831) 420-5010

Deputy Chief Steve Clark – City of Santa Cruz
155 Center Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Information: (831) 420-5800

Chief John Weiss, Chief of Police – City of Scotts Valley
1 Civic Center DriveScotts Valley, CA 95066
Information: (831) 440-5649

Deputy Chief David McCartney – City of Watsonville
215 Union St.Watsonville, CA 95076
Information: (831) 768-3300

Fire Chief Pablo Barreto – City of Watsonville
250 Main St.Watsonville, CA 95076
Information: (831) 768-3200

SCCAS General Manager Melanie Sobel

SCCTY Parks and Recreation Director, Jeff Gaffney

John Leopold District #1:

Zach Friend District #2:

Ryan Coonerty District #3:

Greg Caput District #4:

Bruce McPherson District #5:

Loola LO Off-leashAdvocates
‘A Shared Beach for ALL to Enjoy’

Please sign our ONLINE Petition asking for Off-Leash Hours:…/


No More Tickets



Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter  is planning on hiring MORE ACS Officers and these officers will be ticketing dogs for being off-leash on our Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreation.

Come to this very IMPORTANT meeting and find out where the $$$ will be spent re: Duties of the new officers. County $$$ need to allocated to the most needed urgencies, ie: Crimes/Drugs/Homlessness NOT more tickets for dogs walking off-leash!

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Meeting
DATE: December 14
TIME: 3 p.m.
PLACE: Board of Supervisors Chambers, Fifth Floor, 701 Ocean Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Get Directions Here!




LOOLA Dont Give Up

DON’T GIVE UP! We are still waiting to have our pilot program for off leash on Live Oak Beaches recommended to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors!

Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department and Supervisor John Leopold are currently reviewing this pilot program and we hope to see it on the Bd of Supes agenda in 2015!




As part of the long process of working with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, Animal Control Services, Supervisor John Leopold’s staff, the Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreation Commission and staff, and the local office of the Coastal Commission the proposal was amended to sunrise to sunset off leash access to 20th Ave beach aka 21st Avenue County Park only.  This new proposal is currently under review by Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department with their recommendation due Oct. 2014 to be forwarded on to the SCC Board of Supervisors for resolution.

This is our chance to ask the County to legalize an activity on the beach that we have had for the past 20 years!


Santa Cruz, CA Live Oak Beaches

Here are some ways you can help and support LOOLA with this community issue:

  • Join one of the LOOLA Links groups to receive notifications on upcoming events and current status information.
  • Download the “Pippin’s Petition’ form, print and help collect signatures in your local area. The more signatures included in the final proposal to the county, the greater the voice.
  • Download & print the LOOLA information cards to pass along to other dog owners to promote the petition.

With your help and voice, the community can have a managed beach area for everyone to enjoy.

LOOLA thanks you for your support


Dear LOOLA members and supporters,

As you know, LOOLA originally requested morning and evening off leash hours for the beaches between 20th Ave and Moran and submitted a proposal and hundreds of pages of supporting documentation addressing health, safety, and environmental concerns. As part of the long process of working with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, Animal Control Services, Supervisor John Leopold’s staff, the Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreation Commission and staff, and the local office of the Coastal Commission the proposal was amended to sunrise to sunset off leash access to 20th Ave beach aka 21st Avenue County Park only. While the beaches are public access, much of the beach is technically private property and tangled in a complex web of multiple owners and easements. This would greatly increase the cost and time involved in creating any off leash pilot program. Currently, LOOLA representatives are part of Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreation Commission committee process, along with those who oppose off leash access, attempting to address public concerns. We hope that the Commissioners on the committee will bring a proposal to the full Parks and Recreation Commission and ultimately to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors.


Email in Support of Off-Leash Beach Access!


Dear Supporters,
Those who would drive us from the beaches are a small, but vocal, minority. However, they are good at writing a lot of letters and emails complaining about us. We need to demonstrate to our Supervisors the level of support of equal beach access.
  • A majority of County Supervisors need to sign on to any change in access.
  • It’s easy, just grab the email address of your Supervisor from the list and then copy and paste the text below.
  • Feel free to add you own words, but let’s keep it pawsitive!
Subject: Off Leash Beach Access Now!

Dear Supervisor,

 As a resident in your district I am writing in support of off leash beach access. Public space should be open for a wide variety of responsible uses. Currently, there is not enough public space where dog owners can exercise their dogs off leash. I urge you to support expanding off leash access to public space.

Sincerely, [we suggest you include your address]


Here is the list of our current District Supervisor’s email addresses:

Not sure which district your live in check here!


Hi All,

Here are Supervisor John Leopold’s District 1 (The district for our potential off-leash pilot program beach: 21st Avenue County Park Beach) upcoming 2015 Constituent Meeting Dates, please SAVE THE DATES! At this point, it would be in your best interest to go to as many meetings as possible and just be present in your LOOLA T-Shirt!

Visit Supervisor Leopold’s official website page for Dates/Locations of next meeting near you!



Best of Santa Cruz County Good Times win for! 


Read all our about our win and the other fantastic groups in Santa Cruz County who took home the honors here!



LOOLA gets published!

Read all about and learn how we came to be and what are mission is all about! Great article written by Whitney Wilde for the local magazine, ‘Coastal Canine’!

Article is online here, or pick up a print copy at Bed & Biscuits in Santa Cruz CA.





Santa Cruz County Animal Services LogoAnimal Services Board of Directors Meeting are scheduled for the following location: the Board of Supervisors chambers on 5th floor at 701 Ocean St.

Please try and attend these bi-monthly meetings. Be a voice for our citizens who want to have legal beach access with our dogs off-leash, when the issue is addressed, or during open-mic comments during these very important meetings.

Read online agenda packet and upcoming dates for these very important meetings.



June 2014

Moran Lake Clean-Up (greenbelt area)

LOOLA BeachKeeper volunteers picked up 53lbs recycle and 21lbs trash for a total of 74lbs of debris!

See more photos here!




May 2014

Spring Dog Fest 2014: LOOLA Booth was a great success!LOOLA_CoastalDogFest2014_Cover_Website

We collected 176 signatures for ‘Pippin’s Petition’ at this year’s Spring Dog Fest!



Thanks to all our LOOLA volunteers for helping out this year!

Visit our Facebook page to see all our photos from our LOOLA Beach-CleanUp.




March 2014

UCSC’s Alternative Spring Break Program/LOOLA BeachKeeper








Visit our LOOLA BeachKeeper page to see additional photos of the students during their clean-up.

Thanks UCSC for an awesome day of picking up trash and learning about Live Oak beach areas!




 UPDATE: Our LOOLA Beach Clean-Up on Saturday, December 7th was a great success!

We picked up 89 cigarette butts!












Visit our Facebook page to see all our photos from our LOOLA Beach-CleanUp.










SAVE THE DATE: LOOLA Beach Clean-up December 7, 2013 at 10AM-NOON!









Come Join us for our next Beach Clean-Up at 20th Avenue County Park Beach in Santa Cruz, California.

We will have our table set-up at top of 20th Avenue beach stairs with our LOOLA banner. We will also being selling our LOOLA T-Shirts or $15.00 dollars each!




Download our Poster for this Beach Clean-Up event and post in your neighborhood/local pet stores/local dog parks!









Please bring your own bags and gloves.

Get Directions Here!

20th Avenue location of LOOLA 2nd Clean Up | October 13 10-12noon








Thank you for your support of clean beaches. Woof, Woof!!!!







The BIG day has arrived for LOOLA-2 meetings that play a BIG ROLE on how we move forward with our mission! Please attend at least one meeting but if you can, please attend both!

Please open link to view the Parks & Recreations agenda and staff recommendation for tonight’s meeting-it’s worth reading/scanning and may help you come up with a great 2min speech! Your presence and voice need to be heard!




TAKE ACTION: Unleash Your Bark

Write, Send Your Off-Leash Advocate Letter(s) to the Parks & Recreation Commissioners

Send copies to the Board of Supervisors

 Mail ALL Letter(s) – Let’s Pack Their Mailboxes!!

ACTION 1: Write your letter – make it easy: write 1 letter with the 5 commissioner’s names on it. Do sign your letter including your address.

 To:  Commissioner *Mariah Roberts – District 1, Commissioner Kate Minott – District 2, Commissioner Jim Lang – District 3,  Commissioner Steve Bennett – District 4,  Commissioner Dave Mercer  -District 5

*note: Mariah Roberts is NEWest member – began 4/2103  

Dear Commissioners:  (suggestions for letters:  Introduce yourself. Tell YOUR story – who you are. Tell why taking your dog to the beach is important. Tell what this culture and community means to you and that/why you feel LOOLA’s off-leash proposal(s) is reasonable and fair to everyone. (No discussing the opposition’s arguments against us, ACS, etc…).


ACTION 2: Send a copy of this letter to each Parks & Recreation Commissioner (5 letters) at their office:

Co. Santa Cruz Parks, Open Spaces & Cultural Services

979 17th Avenue  Santa Cruz, CA   95062


office: 454-7901

Your action in support of off-leash is extremely important > if you can’t send letters of course, email.


ACTION 3:  Send a copy of your Parks & Recreation Commissioners letter to each member of the Board of Supervisors (5 letters). Send it to their office at 701 Ocean Street – Rm 500, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

The Board of Supervisors will also vote on this issue.

·      John Leopold – District 1   (John oversees Live Oak Beaches: on your letter add a note asking for him to ADVOCATE for off-leash dog beaches!!)

·      Zach Friend –  District 2

·      Neil Country – District 3

·      Greg Caput –  District 4

·      Bruce McPherson – District 5

Your action in support of off-leash is extremely important > if you can’t send letters of course, email them:







Download our official flyer for this event and post in your neighborhood, work site, local businesses!


Thank you for your support of off-leash. Woof, Woof!!!!





New LOOLA Flyer


Introducing our new LOOLA flyer to post anywhere and anytime to spread the word about Off-Leash Hours.

This unique flyer/poster has our QR Code that can be scanned by smartphones and takes you directly to our site!

Download now and start posting out your local grocery stores/vet’s office/pet stores/outdoor neighborhood parks and at work!



August 2013

Visit for New Dogs in Town video, ‘FREE THE LEASH’.

The pursuit of off-leash beach hours in Santa Cruz.
They produced in collaboration with LOOLA, FOLF and the SC Animal Shelter.

Please leave comments on this video clip at!


Featuring our LOOLA spokesperson, Ted Coopman!

Great Job to all who produced this video!



June 10, 2013

We Rock! 

Great News from last night’s Parks & Recreation Meeting in Santa Cruz: The P&R Commission voted to create a short-term (3 month) committee that consist of two Commission members (Mariah Roberts who reps LO and Jim Lang who helped set up Mitchells Cove) and 3 people from each group. We will try and hash out a compromise solution.

We really can’t express our intense pride in our community and LOOLA!

See below images and links to all related to last night’s exciting and very uplifting meeting:

See Ted live and hear how he rocked the house!













Wonderful speeches by Pro Off-Leash citizens of Santa Cruz County/Live Oak residents!

Read more about this very successful outcome for LOOLA, and we made the Front Page of Santa Cruz Sentinel!













Before the meeting, LOOLA was interviewed by KSBW channel 8 in regards to our LOOLA ‘Pippin’s’ Petition to be addressed at this Parks & Recreation Meeting on June 10, 2013.

We want to thank the Parks & Recreation Commissioners for forming this committee to move forward in our mission to have Off-Leash hours on our beautiful shared open space beaches of Live Oak!




June 10, 2013

Save the Date:

The P&R Commission meeting is Monday, June 10 at 7 pm in Simpkins Swim Center in Live Oak District in Santa Cruz, California.  
LOOLA’s proposal/petition for off-leash dog hours on Live Oak Beaches in Santa Cruz County WILL BE ON THE AGENDA of this meeting!
This is a pivotal moment for LOOLA and our cause. A serious showing by off-leash hour supporters is critical for us to clear this next hurdle. Everyone simply needs to drop what you are doing, grab your kids, and come down to speak or at least be present and supportive.
If there is one thing you do for the cause – this is it. Think about taking your dog to the beach without looking over your shoulder. If you want it, if you think it is right, then fight for it. No one is going to do this for us, we are the ones that have to make it happen.
Please Attend!
Make sure to download our flyer for this very important meeting: Print it and POST EVERYWHERE!
We need supporters to be PRESENT at this very important meeting!




June 1, 2013

LOOLA and SOS Adopt-a-Beach 3rd. Clean-Up: June 1, 2013 


Our recent LOOLA/SOS Adopt-a-Beach Clean-Up on June 1, 2013 was a HUGE success: many supporters of off-leash dog hours at our Live Oak Beaches showed up bright and early for a stellar day on our beautiful Santa Cruz County beaches! Young + Old attended and helped out BIG TIME: gathering human disposed trash: bottles/cigarette butts/wood with nails…. Many folks walking on the beaches thanked us for cleaning our beautiful beaches!

Best part of it all-we got MORE ‘Pippin’s Petition’ signatures!

Our new banner looked awesome on our table at clean-up event! What a great set-up: everything was provided by our LOOLA members including food! A BIG THANKS to Kimberley Bermender + Elaine for always taking amazing pics!





May 19, 2013 

Santa Cruz Spring Dog Festival: May 19, 2013

Our LOOLA booth at Santa Cruz Spring Dog Festival was a hit-our LOOLA volunteers gathered over 300 signatures!


Want to meet members of LOOLA? Then come and meet our LOOLA volunteers at the Spring Dog Festival in Santa Cruz this Sunday.

Spring Dog Festival
Sunday May 19, 2013, 9AM to 2PM
Passport to a world of doggie fun!

Hope to see you there,





June 1, 2013 

Save the Date:

LOOLA and SOS Adopt-a-Beach 3rd. Clean-Up: June 1, 2013 

















WHAT: LOOLA (Live Oak Off Leash Advocates) Adopt-a-Beach clean-up
WHERE: 20th Ave/Corcoran Lagoon Beach, Live Oak, Santa Cruz. Sign in at the 20th Ave beach Entrance
WHEN: Saturday, June 1, 10-am until Noon.
WHAT TO BRING: water and sun block. Save our Shores will provide bags and gloves. Will will bring 4 pair of trash grabbers.




August 2012 


Adopt-A-Beach Sign-Congratulations!











Our sign is finally finished-it looks fantastic! The Sign Dedication and 2nd SOS Clean-Up at 20th Avenue Beach in Live Oak was a great success! Thanks to all for helping this make happen!



October 13, 2012

SOS Adopt-A-Beach Program










Congratulations! It’s a beach! has Adopted 20th Ave beach through the Save-our-Shores Adopt a beach program. Our sign will go up at the foot of 20th Ave (less likely to get damaged in the winter) sometime in August.

LOOLA - SOS Adopt-A-Beach 20th Avenue location-Santa Cruz, CA

Visit our ‘News’ page to read about our 1st. SOS Adopt-A-Beach Clean-up! We have great photos and a link to the news article written about our great accomplishment of adopting a beach in Santa Cruz!

So proud of our members-donating so much time and $ to make this happen!


The next clean-up is Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 10am-12noon. We are getting our LOOLA sticker installed that day so show up and help celebrate and maybe stay for the clean-up.

Download the 2nd. LOOLA “Save Our Shores: Adopt-A-Beach” Clean-Up



August 2012

 Our LOOLA Adopt-A-Beach Sign has been posted and looks great!




LOOLA’s Adopt-A-Beach sign has been finished and it looks great! Our 2nd. SOS Beach Clean-Up and Sign Dedication was a great success and we couldn’t be prouder of what our LOOLA members have accomplished so far!


October 13, 2012

LOOLA 2nd. Beach Clean-Up / Save Our Shores Sign Dedication will start in less than 24 hours!

Save the date: Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 10am-12noon.
SOS Adopt-A-Beach Program

WHERE: 20th Ave/Corcoran Lagoon Beach, Live Oak, Santa Cruz. Sign in at the 20th Ave beach entrance

WHEN: Saturday October 13Sign dedication and Beach Clean-up 10-am until Noon. 
WHAT TO BRING: water and sun block. Save our Shores will provide bags and gloves.
LOOLA (Live Oak Off Leash Advocates) has adopted the 20th Ave beach as part of the Save Our Shores adopt-a-beach program. LOOLA is a collective of local Live Oak community dog owners who support an off-leash initiative for the 20thavenue beach area.
-Come join us!
LOOLA 2nd Clean Up Event October 13 Flyer - Download Now!
 Download Flyer  + Print,  it’s that easy!

Download Now


 August 13, 2012

Santa Cruz County Animal Services Logo


SCCAS Board of Directors Meeting: August 13, 2012

Couldn’t make the meeting and want to know what was on the agenda. Better yet, want to listen to the meeting?

Yes and yes, we have the official agenda meeting document with all the information that was addressed at meeting. We also have a live audio tape for download listening so you can hear the actual meeting!

Thanks to all our LOOLA members who attended this very important meeting and a BIG thanks to all who wore their LOOLA T-Shirt!

If you don’t have the T-Shirt, contact us at

For those of you that may be new to county meetings, visit our ‘How To’ Tips page on great advice on how to participate in these very important upcoming meeting.

 August 2012


SOS Adopt-A-Beach Program

Congratulations! It’s a beach!  has Adopted 20th Ave beach through the Save-our-Shores Adopt a beach program.

Our sign will go up at the foot of 20th Ave (less likely to get damaged in the winter) sometime in August 2012.

LOOLA - SOS Adopt-A-Beach 20th Avenue location-Santa Cruz, CA



July 21, 2012 First Official Beach Cleanup was July 21, 2012  from 10:00 am until noon.

Adopt-a-Beach Update:

Our 1st LOOLA beach clean-up was a great success:  39 lbs. of trash and 6 lbs. of recyclables!

We also had some great photos taken at the event by Kimberley Bermender!

LOOLA Adopt-a-Beach Clean-Up July 21, 2012

As the result of this great event and our LOOLA press team, we were featured in Santa Cruz Sentinel Sunday edition hard copy newspaper!

LOOLA Santa Cruz Sentinel Newspaper

For those of you that are strictly online, you can read the story here!



April 9,2012

Supervisor John Leopold March 8 HTML Email: SSCAS Meeting Anouncement

*Recent Supervisor John Leopold email sent out to the community:

Share Your Thoughts about Dogs on Leashes

On Monday, April 9,2012, at 3:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers (701 Ocean Street, 5th Floor), the Animal Shelter Board of Directors will discuss the new enforcement and recommendations for any policy changes. As always, the public will have an opportunity to comment on this issue. The Animal Shelter is a Joint Powers Authority made up of the County and all the cities within the county (except Capitola) and overseen by the Shelter Board of Directors. If the Animal Shelter Board suggests any changes, they will be forwarded to the County’s Parks and Recreation Commission for review and recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

Santa Cruz County Animal Services Logo

Local policy development is most successful when there is adequate time for people on all sides of an issue to present their ideas, concerns, and suggestions. This process will likely take a few months but will provide multiple opportunities for the community to weigh in on the issue. I have been impressed by the tenor of the discussion so far and the creative solutions that have been suggested. Community members have done good research on steps other communities have taken, and we have also heard about the impact that dogs have on individuals’ lives and their enjoyment of public spaces. Please share your thoughts with the Animal Shelter Board in April and I will keep you informed of additional meetings in the future.

Thank you Supervisor Leopold for letting our community know about important meetings!


*Please read our online pdf file of April 9th Board of Director’s Regular Agenda-Item 6.1 / Subject: Dogs Off-Leash on Santa Cruz County Beaches” pages 49-53 – A MUST READ-Start Now!



Other new News:

Get a T-Shirt for our  Official Beach Cleanups!

Our new T-Shirt has arrived!

  • T-Shirts – Unisex Sizes S, M, L, X-L, XX-L
  • $15 each
  • Organic Cotton, River Blue

Your purchase helps LOOLA in its goal for a change in the law that would allow for Off-Leash Hours at Live Oak Beaches.

Please contact  for information on how to purchase our t-shirt.

LOOLA T-Shirt-Buy it Now!



Check out how nice our T-Shirt looks:

LOOLA First T-Shirt

We are taking orders currently for next production run of this great t-shirt. Please email us at if you want one!